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Have you ever been to a party or some other social gathering and just felt awkward? You don't really know anybody, you don't know how you got there, and you certainly don't know how to start.

So, you suddenly start to notice all sorts of things about yourself - like your shoes. Suddenly your shoes are so interesting that you spend more time looking at them than you ever have your entire life. That's a pretty good shine on them, good color...why are there tassels? What's that all about? Do your shoes really need tassels when they don't even have laces? And why does your belt color have to match your shoes - who made that rule and why do we have to follow it? On it goes... The party goes on and you look at your shoes.

After a while, you have to face the big question - What am I doing here?

and then...

What do I say when I finally meet someone for the first time? You don't want to unload and tell this stranger your life story - that's a little weird isn't it?

That's kind of how I am feeling now. I have been going back and forth about blogging for years now. My wife and friends have been blogging and I have been reading them but I was never sure that it was right for me.

What do I say? Should it have a theme? Isn't that a little too much like school work?

But every great journey begins with a single step and I have been putting this off for years. I don't know what this blog will eventually become - I guess that is part of the adventure. I do know that I have things that I want to share. Even if it is only with the great expanse of the internet.

So, here it goes...

Hello. I am Phil. I am many things to many people. I am an immigrant, a son, a brother, a husband, father, and friend. I have been a soldier and I have been all over the world and taken my family to some of them. I have experienced joy and suffering as few will ever know. Now, we are finally settled in the foothills of Colorado and I do think it is paradise for us - we hope to stay here forever. I have not always followed Christ but I am so grateful that He was patient with me and waited for me.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back sometime.

Oh, by the way, I don't actually have shoes with tassels. I did have some penny loafers once that I stuck dimes instead of pennies. I also had a couch once with tassels but that is a different story... Maybe I will tell it sometime.

God Bless,

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Philip. I once had penny loafers that I put Norwegian coins in. An "ore" I think it was, but the o had a line through it.